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Higher Education

Reducing IT costs and helping to attract more students

Higher Education

Computacenter enables UK Higher Education institutions to deliver better student experiences, improved research outcomes and the ability to benefit from growing revenue streams. We do this by reducing IT costs and complexity whilst improving the quality of IT solutions and services. This helps UK Higher Education institutions achieve their student satisfaction, cost reduction, and research goals.

Why Computacenter?

  • Corporate member if UCISA
  • Financially stable and UK Based
  • 30 years experience in public sector
  • Alliances with 50+ vendors
  • Numerous Government frameworks

Higher Education institutions in the UK are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs, improve student learning experiences, deliver more research projects and develop new revenue streams. All of these challenges are set against the external pressures of international competition, rising student expectations and a growing reliance on research project awards.

Computacenter believes it can help UK Higher Education institutions with the challenges they are facing.

  • Available information to students
  • Safe and secure data
  • Transformation projects replacing legacy IT
  • Save operational costs and lower power consumption
  • Secure shared services and infrastructure
  • Onsite and offsite through our private and public cloud
  • Develop IT outsourcing models which have the right service levels
  • Rationalise the IT supply chain and simplify procurement

At Computacenter we have over 30 years experience in successfully delivering IT services and solutions to 100’s of public sector customers. We have over 16 years experience on all GPS frameworks including NSSA, and are corporate members of UCISA.

We are financially stable, a UK tax payer, and all our decision making is made in the UK. We can offer flexible and pragmatic commercials and advice designed to support the key IT objectives of Higher Education institutions in the UK.




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Office of the CTO

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