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Making hybrid work


As we examine the conversations and requirements for hybrid work, they broadly fall into 4 categories to consider:

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Consideration to health and wellbeing is vital in a hybrid workplace along with the necessary digital literacy training to ensure technology is understood and adopted. The culture of the modern workplace will need to adapt to support hybrid working and promote inclusivity to ensure the best experience regardless of location.



The office space will need to adapt and change to support the change in amount of people using the office and the types of tasks that will be carried out there. Desk and meeting room booking along with occupancy analytics will provide a clear view of how the space is being used. The increase in rich media collaboration such as video will require networks to be assessed for suitability.

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The devices and tools required for hybrid work need to be secure and capable of rich collaboration capability such as video and content sharing. Meeting spaces will require transformation to support parity of experience across mobile, laptop and meeting rooms. Digital identity is increasingly necessary to secure the hybrid workplace and increase productivity.



The boundaries of support within the modern hybrid workplace are more blurred than ever. With people working from home where does the line of support stop. Using modern management platforms and analytics allows people to self-serve and reduces the impact to help desks and support functions and boosts productivity. Automation of processes allows people to concentrate on the important tasks.

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Computacenter has supported our customers through COVID-19 to understand, build and deliver services to enable businesses continuity and plan for the hybrid workplace. Using our industry knowledge and advisory framework, we can provide insights and actionable plans to assist you on your return to office journey.

Make progress quickly with one of these initial services that can help guide and solve hybrid work requirements.

  • Return to Work Advisory Service
  • Wireless Network Assessment and Implementation
  • Meeting Spaces & Collaboration Assessment Service
  • Remote and Mobile Worker Technology Bundles
  • Workplace Security Review

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