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The speed of digital innovation in social media, mobility, analytics and cloud has increased dramatically in the last few years. Digitisation is already making profound and long-lasting changes to how the IT industry operates, and how IT enables businesses and their users.

There are a number of drivers for increasing the speed of change


IT operations and services are becoming increasingly standardised and automated, driving cost savings and efficiencies. The growing use of virtualisation and cloud-based services are also enabling greater agility.


Employees expect enterprise IT devices and services to match the user experience they enjoy in their personal lives. This trend will be reinforced as younger generations (‘digital natives’) enter the work environment.

Internet of Things

From cars and fridges to drones and scanners, more and more devices are becoming connected as the distinction between the physical and the digital disappears. Both consumer and commercial worlds will be impacted as the Internet of Things’ continues to grow.

Digital transformation

E-commerce and digital social marketing has not only transformed how companies engage with customers, but also how customers buy products and services. Businesses, their users and their customers are now connected through multiple channels – from mobile applications and social networks to helpdesks and websites. This is reshaping a wide range of sectors, including leisure, travel, retail and financial services, and is accelerating the adoption of digital technologies.


Market evidence shows that the era of IT outsourcing mega-deals is coming to an end. Instead, organisations are favouring smaller, more targeted contracts, which presents a significant opportunity for Computacenter.

There are two factors that are contributing toward this shift:


Customers are separating their IT contracts and tenders into specific service verticals, or towers, such as end user support, workplace support, datacenters and networking. Larger organisations often split their IT outsourcing into even more specific service lines, for example managed security, managed voice or managed LAN. This multi-sourcing model allows companies to select the best provider for each service tower and create a strong ecosystem of IT partners.

End-to-end solutions

Our customers increasingly want end-to-end solutions instead of point solutions. To meet this need, service providers must have the capabilities and resources to cover the full IT spectrum – from providing software and devices through to networking and security into the datacenter. This demand for a joined-up approach also extends to IT services, with customers preferring to work with partners that can support them throughout the transformation lifecycle – from advising, sourcing and designing to deploying, integrating and managing.

Both of these trends play to the strengths of Computacenter. As a result of the increase in smaller outsourcing contracts, we expect that there will be more opportunities within Computacenter’s target market. The end-to-end focus of our customer base matches the breadth and depth of our services and solutions portfolio.




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